Crush contest

Let’s Have Some Fun! Enter the Crush contest


The winner receives the right to have a character named after himself/herself in a future novel. That’s right—a character in the novel will be named after you. There have been several winners already (the contest started in late 2009), but Alan’s readers have enjoyed the contest (and the winners have loved seeing their names in the novels), so we’ve decided to continue the contest for now. (See contest rules below for details.)

So—where is Robby? As you know, Crush ended with that very question left unanswered. The answer appears in Velocity, the Crush sequel. So—before you read Velocity, in 75 words or less, explain what you think happened to Robby. The top ten answers we receive that are closest to the correct answer will be entered into a drawing to win the right to have your name used as a character in a future novel.

See the contest rules and procedures, which outlines how and where you should send your entry.

Contest rules and procedure:
“You” is the contest winner; “author” is Alan Jacobson and/or his representatives.

1- The winner must sign a release, permitting the use of his/her name. The document will be emailed to the winner. Failure to sign and return the release will disqualify the winner and a runner-up will be chosen.
2- There is no monetary or compensatory value to this prize. Should there not be another Alan Jacobson novel published, no other form of compensation will be offered.
3- A published novel is defined as printed matter or any form of electronic format.
4- There is no time limit by which the novel will be published, nor is there any guarantee that it will be published.
5- Author is not responsible for delays or decisions imparted by those in the publishing industry or in the bookselling retail market.
6- Author is not responsible for misdirected email, or mail filtered by an internet provider or webhost, but efforts will be made to prevent the entries from landing in a spam or junk folder.
7- The contest will end and the winner will be drawn when a sufficient number of entries are received.
8- Winners will be notified via email.

Okay, enough boring legal stuff. So here’s the deal: if you agree to the above conditions, send an email of 75 words or less with your answer to the question, “Where is Robby?” by clicking here. Your email software will open and in the subject, type “Crush CONTEST entry”. (If your email software does not launch, send an email to, with the subject “Crush CONTEST entry.”) Note: you will likely not receive a reply or acknowledgement.