We’ve finally launched my completely redesigned website, which has been months in the making. I came to realize that over the past 14 years I’ve amassed a lot of content. For “Alan Jacobson fans,” there’s a plethora of information on each of my novels, including reviews, interviews, reading guides for book groups, book trailers, video interviews with my buddy, FBI profiler Mark Safarik—and lots more.

For aspiring writers, there are pages of articles on choosing an agent, the business of publishing, what to look out for in contracts, how and when to apply for a copyright—and other topics of interest to those trying to get published.

We’ll also be rolling out my newsletter, which has been years in the making. Wait, that sounds too impressive. Basically, I’ve had fits and starts in getting it off the ground, mostly due to having to stop all work on it so I could focus on finishing the novel I was writing at the time, and the technical issues involved in managing email addresses for those readers who signed up over the past 14 years. But we’re finally going to do it this time. It’ll be another opportunity for me to stay in contact with my fans. If you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter, click here to go to “Connect with Alan”; on that page you’ll also find an opportunity to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the site—we’ll be making further improvements over the next several weeks, so please let us know what you like, and what you’d like to see.