Double Take

Featuring NYPD Lieutenant Carmine Russo, SFPD Inspector Lance Burden, and NYPD Detective Ben Dyer

“Alan Jacobson writes with a sure hand, a strong voice, and a fine eye for detail.”
Ridley Pearson, New York Times bestselling author

NYPD Detective Ben Dyer awakens from cancer surgery to find his life turned upside down. His fiancé has disappeared, and Dyer, determined to find her, embarks on a journey mined with potholes and startling revelations— revelations that have the potential to forever change his life…in ways no one could have anticipated.

Double Take features SFPD Inspector Lance Burden (from Inmate 1577) and introduces NYPD Lieutenant Carmine Russo and NYPD Detective Ben Dyer (from Spectrum).

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