Welcome to the Reading Group Guide for Hard Target. If you haven’t read the novel yet, save this list until you have finished it, because there’s spoiler information contained in the questions.

Following are topics designed to provide a stimulating discussion.

1. What is the full name of the task force that Uzi heads up at the FBI?

2. What’s your view of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms?

3. Have you ever heard of, or remember reading about (outside of Hard Target), the various (real) domestic militia-related attacks mentioned in the chapter between Uzi and Karl Ruckhauser?

4. Dr. Leonard Rudnick’s son, Wayne, appeared in one of Alan’s prior Karen Vail novels. Which one?

5. Dr. Leonard Rudnick appeared in two of the Karen Vail novels. Other than Hard Target, which one did he appear in?

6. Hector DeSantos has appeared in three of Alan’s novels; obviously, one is Hard Target; what were the other two? (Side note: DeSantos will be appearing in the fifth Karen Vail novel, No Way Out, set in England.)

7. Troy Rodman has appeared in one prior novel of Alan’s. Which one?

8. Tim Meadows was a character in which of Alan’s prior novels?

9. There are some humorous scenes in Hard Target—particularly those involving Vail, Tim Meadows, and/or Uzi. Which is your favorite “funny” scene?

10. The concept of following orders and adhering to procedure is a recurring theme with both Uzi and Rudnick. Do you think a rigid interpretation of rules and procedure is beneficial, or would a loose interpretation of such precepts, in the military or other similar forms of bureaucratic structures, cause a breakdown of order?

11. DeSantos mentions his prior partner, Brian Archer, who died on the job. Which novel did he appear in, and which man was responsible for his death?